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Each board game is a world of its own.

Worry, impatience, desire, anger, joy and excitement.


Packed with lots of fantastic rules, a small box evokes such emotions in us. It is indeed a little world of its own hidden inside these boxes.


The world reveals itself in front of us on the table and by connecting with the people that are with us, we unravel step by step what awaits us in it.


A unique story begins in which the limitations of language can be overcome.

It is our mission to create a small world through board games that moves everyone who gets in touch with it.

We, the founders, were born and raised in a small country in the Far East: Japan.

There used to be only a few board games in Japan when we were kids.

Nowadays there are more than 1000 new board games published every year.


However, most of these board games can only be played in Japan without ever crossing the sea.
Among them there are many jewels of board games that are too good to be played only in Japan.
It's a shame that such games are buried without the opportunity 

to be explored by players all around the globe.


Therefore, it is our heart's desire to cross national borders and make it possible for our games, Japanese games, to delight even more people.


We want to bring these fascinating worlds invented by Japanese game developers to people all over the world for

them to enjoy.


We wish for Japan to become the origin of great board games that the people in Europe will love.



This is why we started "Mundi Games Europe".

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