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​Silk Road Adventures
44,90 €  incl. VAT

Product information
Number of players: 1-4

Time: 30 minutes
Age: from 8 years

Game designer
Osami Okano


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​As a merchant of the silk road at the center of the world, your goal is to buy and sell specialty goods while moving from one bustling city to the next in order to become a wealthy merchant. In this game, players must create trade routes connecting two cities by lining up tiles containing images of roads on top of the board while using a rough map for hints. After creating trade routes, you must compare them with more precise maps. If there are specialty goods on the routes you create, you can collect points. However, there are certain goods which can deduct points as well, so you must be careful when constructing routes. In addition, you only have two minutes to create the routes. Within the limited time frame, think of the best possible routes and aim to trade well and efficiently.


* All you need is only a small map! 

   A route building game to test your sense of direction.

* Time limit is 2 minutes! 

   Place the hexagonal route tiles to quickly create a trade route!

* Put a transparent sheet on the route to see if you have successfully obtained the specialties.


Battlefield Board x 1

Game board x 4

Route tiles x 84 (28 each of the 3 types)

Speciality card x 24(6 for each of 4 rounds)

Markers x 12

Market board x 1

​Speciality tokens x 6

Trade cards x 15

Answer sheet x 24(6 for every 4 rounds)

Hourglass x 1

Rule book x4 (English, French, German,Italian)

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